Let us take care of the ACRA and IRAS secretarial paperwork while you do what you do best - running your business!

All incorporated companies in Singapore, in the form of either private limited, partnerships or sole proprietorship, are required to appoint a corporate secretary. A corporate secretary ensures all relevant statutory obligations are met as laid down by ACRA and establish good corporate governance practices, for example. Given the complex requirements needed for compliances, appointing a competent, trustworthy corporate secretary is essential to support your company towards long-term success.

We understand the unique requirements of each company across different industries. We will provide practical solutions systematically, leaving our clients to solely focus on their strategic business, operational and financial objectives.

Our Corporate Secretarial Services

We will provide practical solutions systematically, leaving our clients to solely focus on their strategic business, operational and financial objectives.

Safekeeping and updating of Register and Minutes Books

Provision of a nominee for director

Change of director, secretary and auditor

Filing of annual returns and other forms required by ACRA

Organise and attend directors’ and shareholders’ meetings

Change of company name

XBRL filing

Compilation of Financial Statements

Preparation of Board / Shareholder’s Resolution, Extraordinary General Meeting papers

Change of registered address and company officer’s particulars

Striking-off of companies

Choose a Plan that Works for You

If you engage financial visibility Services​

* Both pricing excludes $60 ACRA Annual Returns filing fee

  • Provision of Named Secretary

  • Advice and assist on annual statutory and regulatory compliance obligations in Singapore

  • Provide secure and proper maintenance of statutory registers, minute books and company records as required by Singapore Companies Act, Cap 50

  • Deliver effective and timely reporting to relevant statutory authorities and regulatory bodies of any alterations or corporate structures changes to your company

  • Advice, preparation and lodgement of Annual Returns and other requisite filings with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA)

  • Preparation of minutes and resolution of general meetings in respect of the Annual General Meeting (including Proxy Statement)

  • Reminders of statutory filing deadlines

Our basic package includes:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why outsource corporate secretarial services?

Only really big companies need an in-house Corporate Secretary – there is simply not much to do for the officer in a small one. Unless there are constant changes, the Corporate Secretary is only busy preparing for the AGM and filing the Annual Return once a year. If that is your case, outsource these services just like most of the small and medium companies in Singapore.

What do the Annual Returns contain?

The Annual Returns provides critical information for the Company's stakeholders. The Annual Returns is an electronic form to be lodged. It contains important particulars of the Company such as the name of its Directors, Secretary, its Members and shareholders, and the date to which the financial statements of the Company are made up to.

Who can be a company secretary?

A company secretary must be: 1. A natural person 2. Locally resident in Singapore 3. The sole director and the company secretary cannot be the same person as the director 4. Someone well-versed with local regulations and compliance requirements and handles them for you while you focus on sprouting your business ideas The position of company secretary must not be left vacant for more than 6 months at any point in time

What is a Company Secretary?

The company secretary is an officer of the company, appointed by the directors to take charge of all administration of a company and ensure that directors and shareholders are kept well informed of statutory obligations, such as the annual filing of audited accounts and the holding of annual general meetings. ACRA requires every Singapore business to hire a Corporate Secretary within the first 6 months after the incorporation and later this position can’t be vacant for more than 6 months. Your Corporate Secretary has to be a Singapore resident. You can outsource this service to an agency like us.

What if my documents are a mess?

If you feel like your paperwork right now is out of shape, that’s ok: it’s our job to make sure everything is in order. Once you switch to FidCorp, we guarantee that each document gets stored in a relevant folder easy for you to retrieve and share. No more digging papers out of messy email threads or clogged databases.

What business entities can use FidCorp?

FidCorp serves all kinds of businesses registered in Singapore: private limited companies, general, limited, and limited liability partnerships. If you have a Sole Proprietorship and want to switch, we’ll help you with the process. We work with all industries, including the businesses that need licensing.