Discover Cambodia : Food

1. National Dish: Fish Amok

Fish amok is composed of a rich, slightly sweet and creamy curry-like sauce, made from a perfect balance of lemongrass, turmeric and coconut milk.

The freshwater Trei fish is traditionally used in this dish, and the fish will be lightly fried before being placed in the banana leaf bowl, drowned in the curry paste and steamed.

2. Samlor Korkor

A traditional soup dish and is considered as another national dish of Cambodian’s

The soup typically includes two quintessential Cambodian ingredients - prahok, a type of fermented fish, and kroeung, a fragrant curry paste - and is then thickened with toasted ground rice.

3. Nom Banh Chok (Khmer Noodles)

A traditional breakfast food and the perfect dish to eat in warm weather: rice noodles topped with fish gravy and crisp raw vegetables, including cucumbers, bean sprouts and fresh herbs, such as basil and mint.

4. Mi Kola (Kola Noodles)

A vegetarian rice noodles dish that is garnished with dried shrimp, hard-boiled egg slices, cucumbers, peanuts, and fresh herbs and mixed with a tangy lime-garlic-shallot dressing.

5. Green Mango Salad

Cambodian salads are renowned for their refreshing feel while being packed full of flavours.

The green mango salad is crunchy and zesty, and features fresh chilli, fish sauce, sliced green mango, sliced tomatoes and shallots, pickled cucumber, onion, peppers and fresh basil or mint.