Discover Cambodia : Overcoming Barriers of Entry (part 2) & Solutions

4. Lack of English Speaking Locals

Khmer is the official language of Cambodia and is used by roughly 90% of the population.

  • Due to the past colonial rule by France, a number of French words exist in the language.

  • However, English is not widely understood, particularly amongst the older generation and in rural areas.

5. Barrier: Understanding of Culture

The Cambodian culture is conservative and hierarchical, and Theravada Buddhism is practised by 95% of the population

A. Concept of Collectivism

  • Collectivism: The idea that the family and society is more important than the wishes of the individual and, as in many Asian cultures, the sense of ‘face’.

  • Avoid causing public embarrassment, not lose your temper in public.

B. Handshake

  • It is common to greet women with the “Sampeah” – the placing of both palms together in a prayer-like position at chest level, with a slight bow of the head, as a form of a handshake.

  • The higher the hands and the lower the bow, the more respect is shown.

C. Head

  • The head is considered the highest and most spiritual part of a person's body.

  • Never touch a Cambodian person on the head and women should never touch a Buddhist monk.

d. Clothing

  • Clothing should be modest, especially for women.

  • Always dress conservatively when visiting temples, homes, or public offices.

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