Foreign ministry seeks ways to boost economic growth

LAO PDR (Vientiane Times) - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is willing to cooperate with other economic ministries to support ways to boost annual economic growth as part of the government’s efforts to bolster the nation’s overall financial system.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Saleumxay Kommasith chairs the meeting in Vientiane yesterday.

To this end, the ministry organized the 14th Foreign Affairs Meeting and also met with the business sector to discuss what the foreign ministry can do to help promote trade connections between Laos and international communities. The meeting was organized under the theme of ‘Increasing diplomatic affairs on supporting the Lao economy in the new era’ to promote the ministry’s involvement in Laos’ commercial dealings in foreign countries.

In his opening remarks, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Saleumxay Kommasith noted the business dialogue was the first-ever meeting that enabled the public and private sectors to share ideas about the implementation of the foreign policy of the Party and government concerning the economic sector. “Today is a golden opportunity at the 14th Foreign Affairs Meeting for dialogue between the foreign ministry and relevant government and business sectors to seek solutions to unsolved challenges from past years,” he said.

He also urged the ministries involved and the business sector to share legitimate comments on how the foreign ministry could help them maximize strategic coordination between the public and private sectors, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lao embassies and consular offices in foreign countries.

“Secondly, we would also like to hear about how the foreign ministry can help them in terms of coordination as Laos has more than 40 embassies and consular offices overseas. We can openly discuss this in a bid to seek ways to contribute to socio-economic development,” Mr. Saleumxay stressed.

He also called for involved ministries to seek solutions on accurate data collection giving a business background of Laos for dissemination in foreign countries. In addition, representatives of the Ministries of Industry and Commerce, Planning and Investment; Information, Culture and Tourism; and the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industries lauded the foreign ministry for hosting the dialogue and called for the supporting of business connections with international partners. The meeting was attended by several ministers, deputy ministers, Lao ambassadors and diplomatic officials to foreign countries, and retired senior ministry officials.