Lianhe Zaobao : Small Market, Big Opportunities in Cambodia, Laos and Brunei

Entrepreneurs are presented with ample opportunities in Cambodia, Laos and Brunei despite their small market size - Cambodia's GDP has been maintaining above 7% for years, the China-Laos Railway project is expected to drive commercial investment into Laos, and Brunei is one of the richest country globally. In recent years, the three nations are promoting an economic transformation to stimulate business creation across various industries.

This article is about three different stories of three entrepreneurs that started business in Laos. Even though Laos is still relatively undeveloped, but like many of the up and rising markets, there are many opportunities for companies to explore.

A snippet of the article on Fidelium Group:

With eyes beaming with enthusiasm and excitement, Mr Paul Lim, the Executive Chairman of Fidelium Group told Lianhe Zaobao, "I founded the company to help Singapore-based enterprises accelerate business expansion into Laos and find investment opportunities. However, I have another motive - to establish a school that will leave a legacy."

Mr Lim set up Fidelium Group in 2016 to focus on investments and projects in the Greater Mekong region, with a particular focus on Laos. Fidelium Group is an investment and management consulting company that provides bespoke services

to help Singapore enterprises intending to enter developing economies such as Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. This is done by conducting business matching services with their strong network of partners in the region.

Previously, Mr Lim's children studied at Anglo Chinese School (ACS). Whenever he drove past the school's historical plaque, he never fails to recollect the motivations of the school's founders and the tenacity to impart their educational ideals to Singapore.

Having witnessed the severity of the poverty issue in Laos, Mr. Lim firmly believes that education is the answer to help the Lao children break out of the poverty cycle - and he has plans for it. "I may be idealistic," Mr. Lim said, "but success to me is not how much money I've made, but how many lives I have touched and changed.”