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"Fidelium helped us meet our business objectives and went beyond their contractual obligations. They've helped us establish valuable networks beneficial to our near and long term growth."

– Mr Tan Yu Chuan ( Managing Director, See Hai Tat Medical Hall (Singapore) Pte Ltd )


"I am very delighted to have worked with Fidelium Group on the business matching trip to Laos. The team’s network in Laos was incredibly strong and the meetings were carefully tailored to meet my business goals - I was meeting with respected business leaders and high-level officials, and I believe this is what sets them apart from other service providers. Beyond business, the team in Laos were excellent in their hospitality. I look forward to my next trip to Laos with Fidelium Group."

– Mr Lee Dai Han ( Managing Director, Bee Sim Foods Pte Ltd 美心食品私人有限公司 )


"Fidelium provided us with a service that was definitely worth the value, which was not expensive considering the time and effort Fidelium put into ensuring that they provided quality service, allowing us to achieve what we needed.

The meetings were meaningful and very relevant to our needs. We were extremely impressed by one of the distributors, who made us feel confident about working together and that they knew exactly what they were doing.

In summary, Fidelium’s service was impeccable and provided us with the necessary meetings and information, providing us with the platform to move forward and grow our business. Kim Guan Guan would highly recommend Fidelium’s services and if given the opportunity in future, we would gladly work with Fidelium again."

– Mr Jason Soon and Ms Wendy Lee ( Company Directors, Kim Guan Guan )


For a nascent Singaporean start-up without much of a regional presence, Fidelium was instrumental in bridging Gush's expansion to high growth emerging markets such as Thailand.  Fidelium Thailand’s operating partners have a wide-ranging reach to a variety of industry leaders, offering Gush the versatility to access different verticals with ease.

As a company that develops, manufactures and supplies its own innovative paints, Fidelium Thailand has helped Gush engage with direct decision makers in the healthcare, education and construction industries in Thailand, allowing for the rapid development of top-line sales. Fidelium Thailand also has a beautiful office situated in a very central location in Bangkok, enabling clients like us to handle our business while away from Singapore and sufficiently prepare before going for the next appointment.

At the same time, when we’re back in Singapore, Fidelium also has Thai staff in the office to help answer queries, actively engage and coordinate with our Thai counterparts. Such an end to end service allows for local companies to focus on their business in their home market, ensure that the visits to Thailand are packed with fruitful and qualified appointments and also allow for an ease of mind when their local representatives are away from Thailand - helping smooth the process of business expansion away from home by a substantial measure.

Fidelium brought us to participate in ASEAN Trade Fair 2018, held in Savannakhet, Lao PDR. The staff were very helpful in planning the whole trip and the setup of our booth. Translators were also provided to help us communicate with local businessmen. They were very efficient in helping us source for factories in the special economic zone of Lao PDR. Given their wide network in Lao PDR, we were hosted meals with local businessmen, the Special Economic Zone authority and even with the governor of Savannakhet. It was a fruitful journey for us and we have a JV lined up for 2019 with one of the largest construction company in Lao PDR.

 –    Mr Ryan Lim & Mr Lester Leong (Founders of Gush!)


Fidelium provided tremendous support for Rentalworks’ smooth and accelerated expansion into foreign markets within the region such as Singapore, Laos and Thailand. Fidelium has operating partners from a wide spectrum of industries across Asia. Fidelium’s influence in the region gave Rentalworks the versatility to access different verticals with ease. Leveraging Fidelium’s networks, Rentalworks was able to easily find reliable business partners to ensure the smooth integration of our business into these countries.

As a company that specialises in management of technologies for corporations and government organisations, Fidelium played an essential role in helping us engage with potential clients in emerging markets, hence increasing our brand awareness and sales. With Fidelium’s assistance, our Internet-of-Things (IoT) infrastructure and services developed rapidly.

Fidelium employs staff from diverse backgrounds within the region, which facilitates communication with our foreign partners and our team, hence mitigating risks of unnecessary miscommunication.

 –    Mr Alan Puah (CEO of Rentalworks)