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COVID-19 Response Kit

To play our part in the global fight against COVID19, we scoured the region leveraging our decades of networks for reliable vendors providing essential equipment to keep us all safe. We have curated the list below which gets updated weekly. As our buyers and suppliers are from all over the world and we buy in large aggregated volumes, we get the best prices and the most reliable suppliers.


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3M 8120 N95 #1
- NIOSH approved N95 rating
- Adjustable aluminium nose clip
- Nose Foam: Polyurethane; Filer: Polyproplylene; Shell: Polyester; Coverweb: Polyester
- Two-strap design with welded dual point
MakRite 9500 N95 #2
- NIOSH approved N95 product
- FDA-cleared for use as surgical mask
- Comfortable urethane nosefoam with adjustable nose clip
- Elastic welded headband
- Fluid resistant
Innovita 2019-nCoV IgM&IgG Combo Test Kit #1
- Test principle: Colloidal Gold-Based Detection for 2019-nCoV IgM & IgG antibodies by immuno-Capture method.
- Read results in 15 min
- Used in Wuhan Hospitals
Vazyme 2019-nCoV IgG/IgM Detection Kit #2
- Generation 3
- Test principle: Colloidal Gold-Based detection for 2019-nCoV IgM & IgG.
- Read results in 10 min
- No testing equipment required
- Approved for use in Singapore, EU and US
ProTect™ COVID-19 RT-qPCR Kit
- Test principle: One-step RT-qPCR (Taqman ®-based detection)
- Targets: N1, N2, N3 (COVID-19 virus) and RNase P (Human)
- Read results < 2h time
- Approved for use in Singapore by Singapore Health Science Authority
Hand Sanitiser (Clinical Grade)
- 750ml Antiseptic pre-surgical hand rub
- Antibacterial and disinfectant
70% alcohol
Braun No Touch Forehead Thermometer #1
- Measuring range: 34 - 43 degrees Celsius
- This product conforms with the provisions of the European directive 93/42/EEC (Medical Device Directive).
- This infrared thermometer meets requirements established in ASTM Standard E 1965-98 for the thermometer system. Full responsibility for the conformance of the product to the standard is assumed by Kaz Europe Sàrl, Place Chauderon 18, CH-1003 Lausanne, Switzerland.
Non-contact IR Thermomethor #2
- Quick response
- Accuracy (±0.2 degree)
Non-contact IR Thermomethor #3
- Quick response
- Accuracy (±0.2 degree)
- CE Certificate
- FDA Certificate
Isolation Gown #1
- EC declaration of conformity
- Certificate of registration
Puritan BennettTM 840 Ventilator
- Includes a breath delivery unit (BDU) that controls ventilation, and a graphic user interface (GUI) that monitors and displays ventilator and monitored data
- Ventilator supplies mandatory (pressure or volume controlled) or spontaneous breaths (inspiratory flows of up to 200 L/min, with or without pressure support) with a pre-set oxygen concentration.
- U.S. Patents and foreign equivalents: 4,954,799; 5,161,525; 5,271,389; 5,301,921; 5,319,540; 5,339,807; 5,368,019; and 5,390,666. 840
Anti-germ nano coating Sdst and SDPro
- Kills germs up to 6 months after application
- Used by Singapore government
- Nano technology
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Hand Sanitiser (Clinical Grade)

- 750ml Antiseptic pre-surgical hand rub - Antibacterial and disinfectant 70% alcohol